Friday, February 4, 2011

Yeah Steelers

I am so exited! I got a call on my phone, never mind it was an automated call. I got the call!!!!

I am a Steeler's die hard fan, have been since an old boyfriend of mine got me hooked watching them.

Yeah maybe some of it had to do with liking him. Well yeah it was all about liking him since I never watched football till I met him. LOL

The TV station in my area was fighting renewing a contract with FOX. Guess who one. Fox went off the are 2 weeks ago and left us in the dark watching the playoffs.

They got phoned and emailed and people shut off Direct TV and went to Dish. Some went and got antenna's with the boxes etc etc etc.

Last night the phone call said they are going back on the air and sorry for any inconvenience.

Me is happy girl going to grill the brats and make Frank's Chicken Wings. Gotta have a Guacamole and Ranch dip. Yummmy

Oh yeah, I have to mention I got the Steeler's Mascot from another Blogger.