Monday, November 15, 2010

Native Spirituality WOMAN -
I judge you not by what you wear, Whether your garment is of rag or riches,
Or your skin is of a color white or black, Whether you wear some gold or trinkets,
Or decorate yourself with stones and diamonds, I see you with the eye of Soul.
I know you, for who you are inside of you, Not for your smiles, for smiles... could be false,
Not for your looks, for looks could deceive, Not for your appearance, for that won’t last, And not for your clothes, for that only covers. I see you with the eye of Soul.
I am a friend to that you inside of you, Blind to human depiction on the outside, Deaf to unfair rumors and gossips Numb to human flaws of character For the eye within sees even more, I see you with the eye of Soul.
By Oliver O. Mbamara
Never judge a person on his outward appearance, it is not who he really is. It is what is in his heart and what comes out of his mouth.
Very wise person this Oliver O. Mbamara.
This is also what the Lord Jesus teaches too.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friday Night

What a great evening I had going to the Fair, I haven't been to one since my kids were tiny and I lived in St. Helens, Oregon. That was probably 32 years ago!
We were invited to go by a good friend that lives in our Air Stream Land Yacht. You think I am kidding calling it a Land Yacht? That is what Wally Byam named them. Ours is a 1974 model.
Any way getting back to Steve who lives in it right now. He found out way back in June that Uncle Kraker was going to play at the fair and Steve's mission was to make sure we all got to go and experience their music since he is a fan of theirs.
Steve can hardly walk anymore so we borrowed a wheel chair for him and off we went.
It was shoulder to shoulder people when we got there and Abel (my husband) had to park and walk back probably 10 blocks.
Steve loved it, he made sure we got all the junk food we wanted to eat and he paid $15.00 dollars of a little Dream Catcher. Never mind your not supposed to buy one for yourself. It is supposed to be given to you by someone else.
Ya know I liked Uncle Krakers music and got to see them afar standing on a bail of hay looking over a sea of heads.
I felt I had a small victory in my life, having the energy to walk all over all evening and stand for a couple of hours on straw to watch good music. It didn't wipe my out in energy or make any of my muscles sore either.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My journey has taken a new path

I was put on a path I wouldn't wish my worst enemy to take. It acturally started a year ago this last June.

I contracted the woman's silent killer called, "Ovarian Cancer". I just had a pap test which came out clean also. I just couldn't breath, I was gasping for air all the time.

I went into ER and they took a cat-scan and found that my lung cavities were filled up with fluid and it was caused from that dreaded cancer.

Long story short:

I went to the Boise hospital via the Fire station emergency wagon.

Put on Chemo therapy for several months every three weeks for 6 hours. They did a radical hysterectomy and took all the lymph nodes out of my stomach. All my hair fell out and I lost 30 pounds.

The bright side to that is I save on shampoo and cream rinse along with brushes, combs, hair dye and no long take high blood pressure meds.

After all this I was clean of it for 4 months.

Flash forward now to:

A year later in the same month June and I had moved to Washington and live in a place called Plymouth.

I ended up in Walla Walla, Washington in the ER because I couldn't have a bowel movement.

Of coarse they thought I was just badly constipated till I told them I had cancer in the past.

Yup another Cat scan latter.

It came back with a vengence and was squeesing off my colon.

Onward to Chemo again and alot of long faces in the doctor and nurse world.

I have had now 3 different session same thing, every 3 weeks for 6 hours. But you know I feel great!

Alot of people have come many miles to pray with me and have communion. I believe in the Lord Jesus and have perfect trust this path I am on he is carrying me through.

I will survive and be free one day.

Whether I live or die it is to Christ. Though I walk through the valley of death He is with me.

I am still bald but hey I have learned new tricks with bandanas!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Onward We Go

The future is called "perhaps," which is the only possible thing to call the future. And the only important thing is not to allow that to scare you. ~Tennessee Williams, Orpheus Descending, 1957

Yesterday was my birthday! All my kids called me which never happens on my

birthday. I guess they fianlly figured out I won't always be around.

I have 2 goals I want to make in life right now.

To live longer then 64 because both my parents died at that age a year apart

To live longer then 75 because that is how old Elvis would be if he didn't die

Elvis and I were born on the same day.

I don't think I am asking for much do you? LOL

Back to Oral Roberts

Man did I blow it with my last entry on Oral Roberts. I am battling with my memory. I have lost a lot of it and I walk around in a cloudy mind.

I know that Oral was very controversial and a little over board with his statements but God did use him.

I knew a family that had a personal experience with the faith of that man and their faith.

When my ex-husband was a 12 year old kid, he was talked into climbing the back side of the rock
in the photo, Morro Rock. Well the kids were messing around up there and he fell off the thing.
He lived through it because it happened to be the lowest tide that day in about 20 years. The
paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he remained in a coma.
His folks always listened to Oral who in his TV program would tell people to send a personal
object of their loved on and he would pray over it.
The folks sent their son's handkerchief and he anointed it with oil and prayed over it and sent it
back to them.
When they the hanky right away they went to the hospital and laid it on his forehead. Within a
day he came out of the coma and walked with his folks out of the hospital.
Oral had a gift as a faith healer and the folks had the faith that the Lord would heal their child.
I respect the man for the gift God gave him and the faith of the parents and Oral had.