Thursday, August 12, 2010

My journey has taken a new path

I was put on a path I wouldn't wish my worst enemy to take. It acturally started a year ago this last June.

I contracted the woman's silent killer called, "Ovarian Cancer". I just had a pap test which came out clean also. I just couldn't breath, I was gasping for air all the time.

I went into ER and they took a cat-scan and found that my lung cavities were filled up with fluid and it was caused from that dreaded cancer.

Long story short:

I went to the Boise hospital via the Fire station emergency wagon.

Put on Chemo therapy for several months every three weeks for 6 hours. They did a radical hysterectomy and took all the lymph nodes out of my stomach. All my hair fell out and I lost 30 pounds.

The bright side to that is I save on shampoo and cream rinse along with brushes, combs, hair dye and no long take high blood pressure meds.

After all this I was clean of it for 4 months.

Flash forward now to:

A year later in the same month June and I had moved to Washington and live in a place called Plymouth.

I ended up in Walla Walla, Washington in the ER because I couldn't have a bowel movement.

Of coarse they thought I was just badly constipated till I told them I had cancer in the past.

Yup another Cat scan latter.

It came back with a vengence and was squeesing off my colon.

Onward to Chemo again and alot of long faces in the doctor and nurse world.

I have had now 3 different session same thing, every 3 weeks for 6 hours. But you know I feel great!

Alot of people have come many miles to pray with me and have communion. I believe in the Lord Jesus and have perfect trust this path I am on he is carrying me through.

I will survive and be free one day.

Whether I live or die it is to Christ. Though I walk through the valley of death He is with me.

I am still bald but hey I have learned new tricks with bandanas!


Donna said...

I hate cancer more than anything in the world. My prayers are with you, brave lady.

salemslot9 said...

I should've known
you were up
to no good

just kidding

bless your heart

stop by
and listen to
some of my
chosen videos


Jeanie said...

I'm Jeanie and I came across from JLand's Call for Support.
You have a wonderful attitude to this dreaded disease.
I too have been through chemo and know how debilitating it can be. For sure it hasn't taken your lovely happy and fun loving nature. Keep it up and God bless you on this journey.
Jeanie x