Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friday Night

What a great evening I had going to the Fair, I haven't been to one since my kids were tiny and I lived in St. Helens, Oregon. That was probably 32 years ago!
We were invited to go by a good friend that lives in our Air Stream Land Yacht. You think I am kidding calling it a Land Yacht? That is what Wally Byam named them. Ours is a 1974 model.
Any way getting back to Steve who lives in it right now. He found out way back in June that Uncle Kraker was going to play at the fair and Steve's mission was to make sure we all got to go and experience their music since he is a fan of theirs.
Steve can hardly walk anymore so we borrowed a wheel chair for him and off we went.
It was shoulder to shoulder people when we got there and Abel (my husband) had to park and walk back probably 10 blocks.
Steve loved it, he made sure we got all the junk food we wanted to eat and he paid $15.00 dollars of a little Dream Catcher. Never mind your not supposed to buy one for yourself. It is supposed to be given to you by someone else.
Ya know I liked Uncle Krakers music and got to see them afar standing on a bail of hay looking over a sea of heads.
I felt I had a small victory in my life, having the energy to walk all over all evening and stand for a couple of hours on straw to watch good music. It didn't wipe my out in energy or make any of my muscles sore either.

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salemslot9 said...

did you get
some of those
fries with salt
and vinegar?