Monday, November 15, 2010

Native Spirituality WOMAN -
I judge you not by what you wear, Whether your garment is of rag or riches,
Or your skin is of a color white or black, Whether you wear some gold or trinkets,
Or decorate yourself with stones and diamonds, I see you with the eye of Soul.
I know you, for who you are inside of you, Not for your smiles, for smiles... could be false,
Not for your looks, for looks could deceive, Not for your appearance, for that won’t last, And not for your clothes, for that only covers. I see you with the eye of Soul.
I am a friend to that you inside of you, Blind to human depiction on the outside, Deaf to unfair rumors and gossips Numb to human flaws of character For the eye within sees even more, I see you with the eye of Soul.
By Oliver O. Mbamara
Never judge a person on his outward appearance, it is not who he really is. It is what is in his heart and what comes out of his mouth.
Very wise person this Oliver O. Mbamara.
This is also what the Lord Jesus teaches too.

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salemslot9 said...

ain't that the truth?

I've been told
that I'm part
of the Blackfoot tribe