Sunday, January 30, 2011

The East End of the Columbia

This is the wonderful Columbia River coming down from Eastern Washington where I live now and going to the Pacific ocean several hundred miles away.

I like living on the river with all the different birds like Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles, Pelicans and such flying by. There are even Beaver here living in the back waters and lots of deer passing by.

About the only critter I have not encountered here are squirrels, not a one. Our little village is so isolated none have gotten here or hitched a ride on a train yet.

Oh yes we have lots of trains running by up and down the river at least they don't toot their horns every time they go by or we would go crazy. They just shoot on by.

Over cast and grey today and is 39 degrees out.

I feel great today and walked over to a friends house three blocks away with the North wind blowing in my face, sooooo cold!

Did I say my hair is growing back for the third time? Maybe I won't lose it this time. I am sick of seeing a bald head starring back at me in the mirror.

I am wearing a red turtleneck today because the color red makes me feel good too and of coarse my harley hat to keep that darn head of mine warm!!! I need more hair.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Day In Paradise

Here we are the second day with happy pills, I call them that because they are pills to give me energy and no nausea. Actually they are "Ondansetron" and "Dexamethasone". This is why I am actually able to write this blog for the second day in a row! Lord willin he will step in when the pills go away and I can continue on piddling away here with my mundane rambling.
I have a wonderful friend which I call not my sister in the Lord but my daughter in the Lord. Her name is Anne or some spell it Annie. I have known this kid will she was still a bun in the oven. My daughter and her have been tight buds since could pull each others hair and I mean that literally. They would scream and cry and keep going at it. Honery lil girls.
But she grew up and God gave her a gift it has been a hard one for her to learn or should I say wrap her mind and spirit around. She has words for people and dreams about them to share.
She has had a few for me even though she hasn't seen me in 25 years and we live a couple of hundred miles away. Through my daughter she got my phone number and the Lord has given her words of encouragement and scriptures that are confirmed to me, and to give her the guts to step out on a limb like that. She truly hears from the Lord.
Her latest word has been not to listen to the enemy accusing me in my ear. This confirms what I had just read in Zechariah when Joshua the High Priest stood before the Angel of the Lord all dirty and satan standing at his right hand to resist him. The Angel said, The Lord rebuke you Satan. The Angel took the dirty garments off Joshua and put clean ones on him instead. Joshua, he said, Behold I have caused your sin to pass from you.
Our battle is in our minds, that is why we need the helmet of Salvation to cover our minds. We are in a battle with satan. We don't have to take his dirty little lies. The Lord covers us!
She shared a wonderful book called, " Battlefield of the Mind" by Joyce Meyer. It is all about what we choose to listen to. We with the help of the holy spirit can win.
I am into winning battles especially the battle of cancer along the rocky path.
Now that I am done sucking away at my Jolly Rancher I am done here today!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Post Doctor Day

Since I moved last Spring to Plymouth, Washington. It is a whole different world of people places and things growing in the ground. We live on the Columbia River now but we are in the desert. We don't have dust here we have sand. We live in a banana belt now and am loving it! We call it the village since we only have a post office and tavern. The two most important businesses to have these days, hahahaaaaa. Our mail is always missing or sent back and the Tavern thinks everyone that goes there is a trucker cause it give you enough on one plate to feed three people. Oh no they won't give you any thing less even if you say you will pay for it. They will give ya an extra plate and utensils to eat with though at no extra charge. They differently know how to make people fat with lots of high cholesterol here!

The authorities have outlawed digging up artifacts of Native Americans. I can understand why. There are burial grounds here and lots of history in those arrow heads and pottery. We have a very prosperous casino about 45 minutes down the road called Wild horse, just past Pendleton.

I happen to travel up the River on the Oregon side about 56 miles to see a wonderful Oncology Doctor, Dr. Bronstein has his practice in Walla Walla, Washington. I always say ya can't go wrong with a long hair Jewish doctor. Smart he is!
He adjusted my treatments to a different chemo therapy since the last on I have been using just wouldn't kick that cancer. It would come back in less then 3 months. That is not good. I just hope and pray this new treatment with the help of the Lord will wipe it out for good.

My blood counts are showing improvement every time I go in which is every 2 weeks now. I was going in every week and it almost totally wiped out my white blood cells so he had to stop chemo for a week for it to replenish itself.
On ward Christian Soldier marching off to war, that's me, helmet of Salvation, sword of the Spirit, breastplate of righteousness, girded around the waist with Truth and my feet shod with the preparation with the gospel of Peace.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

January 21st, 20011

The Stylish blogger Award

Has been given out once more !

I would like to thank the person only because I am made to for giving me an award I really don't deserve since I have been staying away from the tangling mess of Blogger! It is none other then that hard drinking, insecure, piano playing Texan we all love,

Here are the rules:

1.Thank the person who gave you the award and give a link to their journal.
2. You need to share seven things about yourself, that could be scary.
3. You have to award 15 recently discovered blogger, which I found almost impossible since everyone I discovered are writing any more.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Here goes my pathetic life for a to see.

1. At this time I am going through Chemo because I was found with stage 4 Ovarian cancer over 2 years ago. Hanging in there. "Greater is He who is in me then he that is in the world. This is only a path in life I will travel on through.

2. I love to take walks down to the Island and watch the beaver work and the bald eagles rest in the trees,sometimes even deer are there. We live on the Coloumbia River.

3. I am a nut about photographing anything from a praying mantis to my dog Tusa. I am learning to look at the world in a different way when taking photos. It is not so easy to catch good ones that don't look dorky.

5. Fine wine is my forte. I have drank wine since I was a child thanks to my mother. I live in a region that has wineries everywhere in the Walla Walla valley and Yakima too. These places can grow grapes other places can't and the red wine is superb. Now don't I sound like a snob.

6. When I have hair, it can be different colors according to my wim. It is growing back again and it is curly. I used to have very straight hair. I have gathered alot of hats to keep my head warm. I found a wig at one of the clinics but it feels like I am wearing a dog on my head who has fleas. I'll stick with bandana's all colors of the rainbow too. Hey I get by cheap on the hair products.

7. I ride a 2007 Sportster Harley Davidson when I have the strength to. It feels like a little bit of heaven running down the road with the wind in my face and bugs on my glasses.

8. I am a follow of Christ who saved me out of the ditch in 1974 when I was a strung out druggy and hard drinkin woman. I have not looked back since because I literally became a new person.

My choices for awards are so my freinds just copy the award and the rules and show us what you have to say.


Now after all this I remember why I hate doing this! LOL