Sunday, January 30, 2011

The East End of the Columbia

This is the wonderful Columbia River coming down from Eastern Washington where I live now and going to the Pacific ocean several hundred miles away.

I like living on the river with all the different birds like Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles, Pelicans and such flying by. There are even Beaver here living in the back waters and lots of deer passing by.

About the only critter I have not encountered here are squirrels, not a one. Our little village is so isolated none have gotten here or hitched a ride on a train yet.

Oh yes we have lots of trains running by up and down the river at least they don't toot their horns every time they go by or we would go crazy. They just shoot on by.

Over cast and grey today and is 39 degrees out.

I feel great today and walked over to a friends house three blocks away with the North wind blowing in my face, sooooo cold!

Did I say my hair is growing back for the third time? Maybe I won't lose it this time. I am sick of seeing a bald head starring back at me in the mirror.

I am wearing a red turtleneck today because the color red makes me feel good too and of coarse my harley hat to keep that darn head of mine warm!!! I need more hair.


salemslot9 said...

we have alot
of squirrels
in our yard
brown, black, gray
and orange ones
they come to
our side door
and take peanuts
in the shell
from our hands

ADB said...

You live in a magnificent area, Carol, thank you for sharing. Wishing you well for your continued recovery from treatments &c.

krissy knox said...

Hi, Carol.

So sorry it took me so long to get by your blog or write you an email. I have been meaning to write you as you are the winner of the poll I had a few months back in my blog. I still have to make up your award so you can have it for the sidebar of your blog! I am so happy that your answer was chosen as the "most unique item in my purse". I'm glad you won! I will send the award logo soon. I have just been so busy. I haven't written bc i haven't had time but i haven't done the award yet bc we have been so busy. John has gone so many times to Hershey Hospital -- 4 times in the past month. But I will get that award done, LOL.

Anyway, Honey, I am soooooo glad you are blogging again!

And I'm glad your hair is growing back.

If you just want to talk, email me at fisherkristina@ aol (dot) com If you want to talk to John, let me know, I'll give you his email addy also! :)

love you,
krissy knox :)
Sometimes I Think
let's connect on Twitter:
how about friends on FB?

krissy knox said...

forgot to tell you, i'm following your blog now. also, i'll tell john about his award. i'm not sure if he knows about it. if you sent him an email he may not have gotten it, his emailbox is overflowing a little bit right now, LOL, and i don't know if mail can be delivered there right now. so i will let him know about the award. God bless you for giving it to him, Hon. :)

krissy knox :)