Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Day In Paradise

Here we are the second day with happy pills, I call them that because they are pills to give me energy and no nausea. Actually they are "Ondansetron" and "Dexamethasone". This is why I am actually able to write this blog for the second day in a row! Lord willin he will step in when the pills go away and I can continue on piddling away here with my mundane rambling.
I have a wonderful friend which I call not my sister in the Lord but my daughter in the Lord. Her name is Anne or some spell it Annie. I have known this kid will she was still a bun in the oven. My daughter and her have been tight buds since could pull each others hair and I mean that literally. They would scream and cry and keep going at it. Honery lil girls.
But she grew up and God gave her a gift it has been a hard one for her to learn or should I say wrap her mind and spirit around. She has words for people and dreams about them to share.
She has had a few for me even though she hasn't seen me in 25 years and we live a couple of hundred miles away. Through my daughter she got my phone number and the Lord has given her words of encouragement and scriptures that are confirmed to me, and to give her the guts to step out on a limb like that. She truly hears from the Lord.
Her latest word has been not to listen to the enemy accusing me in my ear. This confirms what I had just read in Zechariah when Joshua the High Priest stood before the Angel of the Lord all dirty and satan standing at his right hand to resist him. The Angel said, The Lord rebuke you Satan. The Angel took the dirty garments off Joshua and put clean ones on him instead. Joshua, he said, Behold I have caused your sin to pass from you.
Our battle is in our minds, that is why we need the helmet of Salvation to cover our minds. We are in a battle with satan. We don't have to take his dirty little lies. The Lord covers us!
She shared a wonderful book called, " Battlefield of the Mind" by Joyce Meyer. It is all about what we choose to listen to. We with the help of the holy spirit can win.
I am into winning battles especially the battle of cancer along the rocky path.
Now that I am done sucking away at my Jolly Rancher I am done here today!