Friday, January 28, 2011

Post Doctor Day

Since I moved last Spring to Plymouth, Washington. It is a whole different world of people places and things growing in the ground. We live on the Columbia River now but we are in the desert. We don't have dust here we have sand. We live in a banana belt now and am loving it! We call it the village since we only have a post office and tavern. The two most important businesses to have these days, hahahaaaaa. Our mail is always missing or sent back and the Tavern thinks everyone that goes there is a trucker cause it give you enough on one plate to feed three people. Oh no they won't give you any thing less even if you say you will pay for it. They will give ya an extra plate and utensils to eat with though at no extra charge. They differently know how to make people fat with lots of high cholesterol here!

The authorities have outlawed digging up artifacts of Native Americans. I can understand why. There are burial grounds here and lots of history in those arrow heads and pottery. We have a very prosperous casino about 45 minutes down the road called Wild horse, just past Pendleton.

I happen to travel up the River on the Oregon side about 56 miles to see a wonderful Oncology Doctor, Dr. Bronstein has his practice in Walla Walla, Washington. I always say ya can't go wrong with a long hair Jewish doctor. Smart he is!
He adjusted my treatments to a different chemo therapy since the last on I have been using just wouldn't kick that cancer. It would come back in less then 3 months. That is not good. I just hope and pray this new treatment with the help of the Lord will wipe it out for good.

My blood counts are showing improvement every time I go in which is every 2 weeks now. I was going in every week and it almost totally wiped out my white blood cells so he had to stop chemo for a week for it to replenish itself.
On ward Christian Soldier marching off to war, that's me, helmet of Salvation, sword of the Spirit, breastplate of righteousness, girded around the waist with Truth and my feet shod with the preparation with the gospel of Peace.

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