Friday, January 21, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

January 21st, 20011

The Stylish blogger Award

Has been given out once more !

I would like to thank the person only because I am made to for giving me an award I really don't deserve since I have been staying away from the tangling mess of Blogger! It is none other then that hard drinking, insecure, piano playing Texan we all love,

Here are the rules:

1.Thank the person who gave you the award and give a link to their journal.
2. You need to share seven things about yourself, that could be scary.
3. You have to award 15 recently discovered blogger, which I found almost impossible since everyone I discovered are writing any more.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Here goes my pathetic life for a to see.

1. At this time I am going through Chemo because I was found with stage 4 Ovarian cancer over 2 years ago. Hanging in there. "Greater is He who is in me then he that is in the world. This is only a path in life I will travel on through.

2. I love to take walks down to the Island and watch the beaver work and the bald eagles rest in the trees,sometimes even deer are there. We live on the Coloumbia River.

3. I am a nut about photographing anything from a praying mantis to my dog Tusa. I am learning to look at the world in a different way when taking photos. It is not so easy to catch good ones that don't look dorky.

5. Fine wine is my forte. I have drank wine since I was a child thanks to my mother. I live in a region that has wineries everywhere in the Walla Walla valley and Yakima too. These places can grow grapes other places can't and the red wine is superb. Now don't I sound like a snob.

6. When I have hair, it can be different colors according to my wim. It is growing back again and it is curly. I used to have very straight hair. I have gathered alot of hats to keep my head warm. I found a wig at one of the clinics but it feels like I am wearing a dog on my head who has fleas. I'll stick with bandana's all colors of the rainbow too. Hey I get by cheap on the hair products.

7. I ride a 2007 Sportster Harley Davidson when I have the strength to. It feels like a little bit of heaven running down the road with the wind in my face and bugs on my glasses.

8. I am a follow of Christ who saved me out of the ditch in 1974 when I was a strung out druggy and hard drinkin woman. I have not looked back since because I literally became a new person.

My choices for awards are so my freinds just copy the award and the rules and show us what you have to say.


Now after all this I remember why I hate doing this! LOL


Barbara said...

Praise God for your number eight! Always fun learning something about new people.

Life & Faith in Caneyhead

salemslot9 said...

thank you my friend

you're definitely not pathetic

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