Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Snow

What a beautiful morning! Our first snow arrived last night and now it is sparkling like diamonds as the sun hits it in front of a blue sky. When I got up this morning a 6am it as only 15 degrees but it has warmed up to 30 now.

I still am cold and wear a bandana on my head with double layering of clothes. Maybe I will burn more calories from the shivers. I don't feel sick though! I can still eat what I want and water doesn't taste like metal so I am doing wonderful, Thank You Lord!

I have started taking photos again since we got a new Nikon CoolPix p90, nice camera. My last one someone stole from us right out of our yard. Several visitors from the neighborhood dropped by to visit and one of them picked it up and took it. You can't trust anyone these days it seems. We think we know which one did it but they would only deny it. We have a much better camera now anyway.

This is my Thanksgiving Catus I nurture all year long for just this one month to see it bloom, Oh well.


salemslot9 said...

cool cactus
we don't use the 's' word
here yet
sunny and in the 60's today
my John is taking down the canopy
over the picnic table
raking and bagging leaves
he has a 3 day weekend

madcobug said...

That's a shame that someone stole your camera. Love that cactus. It's 67% here now. Helen

Indigo said...

Strangely it's rather warm for Nov. in NY. Then again it rained almost all Spring and Summer so nothing surprises me anymore. I can't wait for the first snowfall. Love the cactus. I haven't had a Christmas cactus in years. The cats wouldn't leave it alone and I worried about it being poisionous to them.

The gall of someone being that shallow and uncaring to steal from you. I'm glad you now have a better camera to make up for it. (Hugs)Indigo