Friday, November 13, 2009


Well I can tell I haven't used this blog for a long time! I just spent an hour figuring out how to put a widget in my gadget. I found a way to express how much I love the Napa Valley and all their vineyards. They are all so beautiful and have such luscius wines to boot. Schmap map is the bomb.

My friend Puff was so wonderful yesterday. He got to my house a 7 am to take me to my 5th Chemo session. I have to go to Idaho and it is about 80 miles away in the mountain time zone which is an hour ahead of us. We made it there with 15 minutes to boot. He is such a generous man because he had to wait there in a tiny town called Fruitland. For 6 hours I got to lay in bed and sleep as they hook my arm upto all sorts of bags of medicines to get me through to a better life and health. The nurses give me what they call the comfort room. It is a set aside from the large common room where every one lays who is only there for an hour then go.

By the way Puff got his name because he is either puffing on a cigar or a pipe. He is such a awesome friend. I wanted to pay for his gas and he wouldn't let me.

I got through my session fine and I even took a walk with my dog Tusa which means Praire dog in my husbands native tongue. I will do fine tomorrow too but watch out the third day I crash hard.
They send me home with two days worth of these pills that make me feel like I could climb Mt. Everest easily. After that I am on my own the this stuff.

Anyway check out my new gadget it is the bomb!


madcobug said...

Good luck on your chemo. I pray that it works for you. I like that slide show. I have been thinking about putting one on my side bar but haven't dome it yet. Heave a good weekend. Helen

ADB said...

Good to hear you're still in good spirits, Carol. Keep it up!