Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's a Miracle

Sunny is home!!! Yes he is in all his beautiful glory and squawing. "A" went to one of the vets to see if anyone had found an exotic bird lately and a woman was there who over heard him. She said she knew a family that had found a bird. She asked if he was really tame and he said yes. She found their phone number in the book and he gave them a call.
Their kids were walking up the street and saw something colorful in the middle of the road and watched a couple of cars drive over it. They couldn't believe their eyes when they found a little bird sitting there.
The kids picked him up and took him home.
His poor little forehead if a bird has a forehead had a patch of missing feathers so he has a boo boo right now.
I didn't want anything to happen to him again so I had a friend who used to own a petshop come over and clip his wings.
He isn't doing so good without his flight. He is frustrated and kinda depressed. He needs lots of love and patience right now.
It is kinda erie because he is so silent. He will come out of it. I am just glad he is home

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