Friday, November 21, 2008

My Heart is Full

We are our brothers keeper.
That is my point of view to the world with all the painful way some people are thrown out with the trash. You know the ones that fall between the cracks so to speak.

I am ranting now aren't I?

In my town which is about 4600 people the authorities seem to have a zero tolerance for homeless people, no matter who they are. That is where the ones that fall throught the cracks come in.
We met a man in our town last summer who was living in the woods by the river because he had nowhere to live. He is a man that has lived in this town for years. I don't know what is wrong physically with him but the doctor said he can no longer work. He kinda gimps around like his back is killing him.
The powers that be are dragging their feet to give him disability so he can have a roof over his head.
Some how he gets food stamps though.
He has nothing.
Not a car and only a few clothes.
All is gone.
He gathers cans with a few other men he knows to get a little cash.
The only problem is they start buying beer and end up drinking themselves silly and staggering around in our alley way. Too much time on their hands.
Oh yes, our neighbors called the cops and told on them.
I don't blame them one bit.
That wasn't suppose to happen!
It was getting cold so we let him sleep in our air stream which is not hooked up to sewer or electricity for a place to lay his head out of the cold.
We told him the old cronies had to go down the street kicking rocks.
To make along story short.
The city planning committee sent us a notice stating that they are aware of an individual staying in or occupying our airstream.
We have to have a permit to let that happen.
The city is just trying to get rid oh him.
People in my town beat up people like these for fun, one did get beat up the other day!
There is nothing in this town to help the needy.
There is nowhere for him to go.
The Salvation Army will give him clothes.
But there is no open door for him to stay but ours.
I get to go tell him tomorrow morning all this.
I really don't know if he will stay in our house or not.
He does have pride and needs to feel independent.
So we will see what he does. We have a spare bedroom he can stay in.

But!!!!!! No more of his buddies gathering cans in our alley and none of them here drinking!!!!!
We are laying down the rules, Oh yeah.

Oh Yi Yi Yi Yi!!!!!


Delores Getmeslippers said...

Such a difficult decision to make. It is unbelievable that in such a developed country that there are so many uncared for people. It is the same in England. You have a great big good heart!

Thanks for the recipe, I am going to try it soon.

Wil said...

There is a provision in the "Americans With Disabilities Act" which requires towns, cities and states to make "reasonable accomodations" particularly in zoning ordinances, in order to accomodate the needs of the handicapped. Ask your friend what his physical and mental maladies are which make him homeless. Then go to this web site at the US Department of Justice:


and read through the material there about the "reasonable accomodations" requirements, get a Title II complaint form and complete it to the best of your ability, write a letter to the enforcement official who cited you for allowing the use of your Airstream and explain you wish to appeal this enforcement measure locally, on the basis that the town actions are in direct violation of Title II of the ADA. Enclose a copy of your Title II complaint. Get yourself a pro bono (free) lawyer by searching through the handicapped web sites. Sit back and watch the fireworks. :D

Good luck. You may lose, but by jimminy, you'll have fun.

madcobug said...

Wil gave some good advice if it works. I could never figure out what good anyone got out of beating others up. Does it make them feel big or what. Whell they are scum themselves to do such a thing. Bless you heart trying to help. Helen

Anonymous said...

Wil, I like your fortitude! It is worth giving a try. Thanks for your input! You go boy!!!!